Singers tools of the trade microphones

Singer's Tools of the Trade: Microphones

If you’re a working singer, a student, or a hobbyist and you’re jamming with other musicians, playing gigs, or aspiring to do so, there’s one key piece of equipment you really need to acquire and learn how to use. 

As a CCM (contemporary commercial music) singer, you’re most likely going to be performing with amplified musicians or an amplified backing track and will, therefore, need to be amplified yourself. Some gigs and venues will have a house system and a live sound engineer that will take care of the…

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For the past few months, I’ve been chipping away at a super-meaty blog post all about breathing for singing. Let’s just say it’s still marinating for the time being so in the meantime I thought I’d send out a little amuse-bouche to tease your palate! So, here’s a few of my favourite essential tips for getting your singing goals well and truly underway for 2017! 

Find your own voice: While I’m an advocate for consuming and analysing loads and loads of music to build your vocabulary, knowledge, and…

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Sing with feeling

Sing with feeling!

In my last blog post (The Singer's Dilemma) I promised to deliver some tips on how to 'sing with feeling' without succumbing to the physical side effects of 'feeling all the feelings'. We tread a fine line as performers when we endeavour to clear the way for our audience to lose themselves in the music and find themselves in the story-telling. We strive to be unique, genuine and interesting yet accessible and relatable. 

So how do we make that honest and open connection with the music and our audience…

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The singers dilemma

The Singer's Dilemma

Listening to music can be like opening an emotional vein. When listening to music we have access to memories and emotions that otherwise simmer in the background unnoticed and unacknowledged. Music brings these memories and emotions from a simmer to a boil until they spill over to the surface. 

Many of us spend our lives in pursuit of mastery of our instruments and our technique, spending thousands of hours alone in the practice room and in rehearsal with our colleagues refining, tweaking, analysing…

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Blogger To Be!!!

I've noticed that I've been actively posting, sharing and loving on a lot of other people's blog posts in my own social media pages of late. I've also noticed that most of these posts echo my thoughts and reinforce some of my top singing nags and advice for students. So, I thought, maybe I should just start writing my own blog posts and sharing these on my social media... what a novel idea, right? I've started to compile a list of blog-worthy topics along side my list of video/vlog topics and I hope to…Read more



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