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Sought-after local multi-instrumentalist Lachlan Coventry and uniquely versatile songstress Rachael Thoms are long time friends and collaborators. Together they deliver moving, hypnotic and musically gratifying interpretations of some of the best-loved tunes in the standard repertoire. They're known for turning a pop song on its head, bending it to their sound and taking it back in time...


“… these guys exude musical maturity through depth of perception and communicative ability… it’s sweet, unassuming and just plain right”

"Rachael's voice was not-unexpectedly controlled and rich in interpretation and subtle play..."

 "Rachael was the heart and soul, voice and meaning, patter and laughter. She's so trained, so correct, so in control; what a pleasure."

"Rachael is never other than wonderfully controlled in voice, dropping into slurs and vibrato at will and always aptly, with that clear and firm soprano voice."

"Rachael is just superbly in control of her voice and such a pleasure. I just melt as she holds a note then releases a swelling vibrato. She's a joyous and infectious presence and the technical facility just makes the cake." 


Check LIVE for upcoming performances. 

Available for concerts, residencies and special events - CONTACT to enquire.