Rachael reconstructed my voice into a powerful, durable instrument...”

— Kirrah Amosa, BMus (ANU), Performer, Songwriter, Educator, 2017 The Bodyguard Australian Cast - Ensemble, 2016 Top 30 Semi Finalist Rob Guest Endowment Awards



If I had to choose two of the best outcomes of my degree, learning with Rachael Thoms is one of them.

Besides her vast theoretical expertise of the human voice, impressive academic credentials, and prominent reputation as one of Canberra’s most sought out vocalists, Rachael provided the perfect amount of support, patience, and sass needed to handle a stubborn teenager during our first lessons together in 2010. As a young, sheltered college student, with a big ego and very little background in basic music theory, I soon learned the meaning of hard work and application thanks to Rachael’s disciplined but always loving work ethic. Rachael’s undivided dedication to the wellbeing of my physical and emotional abilities as a performer translated into my adult years, quickly making our continued weekly vocal tuition a cherished component of my Bachelor degree. 

In these three years together, Rachael reconstructed my voice into a powerful, durable instrument able to lead a live seven-piece band through a 9-hour long gig, or carry over a live orchestra and chorus ensemble of 20+ voices in a theatre.

Even now as a university graduate and established performer I continuously refer back to Rachael’s teachings. Rachael’s combined capability to teach, thoroughly explain and easily demonstrate vocal and performance techniques has transformed me as a performer, so much so that after moving interstate I prioritise booking in lessons with Rachael during my limited time when visiting Canberra.

If you want to enrich and improve your voice, confidence, and life, look no further! As a mentor, inspiration and good friend, I couldn’t recommend a better teacher than the incredible Rachael Thoms.

In the year that I have been mentored by Rachael, she has inspired, challenged, encouraged and supported me in every aspect of my musical studies and career. ”

— Leilani Wagner a.k.a LANI, BMus Student, vocalist & educator



Rachael's extensive knowledge and understanding of vocal anatomy and physiology, her vast industry experience, and her mastery of all genres from classical to jazz (and everything in between) sets her a part as a vocalist, educator and voice trainer. In the year that I have been mentored by Rachael, she has inspired, challenged, encouraged and supported me in every aspect of my musical studies and career. She also provides all of her students with many opportunities for growth and experience. Rachael has had a profound impact on me as a vocalist, teacher and performer and I am so grateful. I can only hope to emulate the confidence, aptitude and expertise that is her legacy.
I cannot recommend Rachael highly enough. She is very competent, very knowledgeable, professional, patient, and helpful, and, most importantly, she gets results!”

— Gordon Fyfe, lead vocalist, and lagophonist for McQuoid’s Offering

McQuoid's Offering

McQuoid's Offering

I am so very thankful that someone recommended I see Rachael about my voice.  I had been singing for many years, and previously had singing lessons and various voice assessments.  However, I continued to lose some of my range, and, therefore, could no longer sing some of my favourite songs.
My immediate impressions on meeting Rachael were really good.  See made me feel completely at ease, and was very patient.  I was also very pleased that she was able to clearly and helpfully articulate what was going on with the voice and the singing, so that I could understand what was actually happening and what needed to happen to make things better.

When we started work, there were immediate results!  Even with all my experience, I couldn’t believe we achieved so much in such a short period of time.  After a very small number of lessons, I recovered that part of my range that I had lost over recent years; I acquired a richer quality to my voice; I was able to better look after my voice; I could again sing material that I had to avoid in recent years; and I achieved a new level of confidence that I had not previously experienced.

Since my few lessons with Rachael, my singing has attracted many positive comments from people who were very pleasantly surprised at the difference between my old singing voice and my new singing voice.

I cannot recommend Rachael highly enough.  She is very competent, very knowledgeable, professional, patient, and helpful, and, most importantly, she gets results!
I wish I had found her 20 years ago! ”

— Sharon Casey - vocalist, banjo player and fiddle player for O'Neill's Folly.

O'Neill's Folly

O'Neill's Folly

Rachael Thoms is a fabulous teacher.  She brings a warm, friendly and nurturing personality, and her own vocal skill and artistry together with years of study and scientific interest to her instrument of choice - the human voice.

As a result she is able to articulate what do try and do, and why in ways that are easy to understand and make sense.

She is also able to clearly demonstrate with her own voice how changing the shape of your mouth, or where you place your tongue, or where you aim to feel the resonance, impact upon the sound being produced.

When I first sought her out as a teacher, I was unaware of her background and training, I just knew that I had heard her sing and she did so with an ease and confidence that I wanted to emulate. I'm still working through the amazing amount of really useful information that she has passed on to me, and trying to implement practice routines to apply it all.  I wish I had found her 20 years ago! The truly delightful thing is that Rachael is not a voice snob.  She sings a wide range of music herself, and has tips and techniques to use across your music of choice and taste.  Whether it's a few lessons, or signing up for the long haul, lessons with Rachael are in investment in immediate and noticeable improvement for any singer.