Rachael is a passionate teacher delivering a considered mix of vocal pedagogy, performance techniques, music theory, improvisation techniques and music business fundamentals.  Her voice training philosophy is closely aligned with the teachings of Janice Chapman, Accent Method Breathing and Estill Voice Training Method.  

Students are guided through (as required) -  
  • vocal anatomy and function
  • breathe management and flow
  • correct postural alignment
  • functional freedom 
  • music theory
  • functional piano
  • aural training
  • sight-reading
  • stagecraft and artistry
  • microphone technique, live sound fundamentals and equipment advice
Rachael is a curious and motivated educator, determined to remain informed and well-versed in current scholarly and scientific research related to the voice. Rachael currently refers students with a perceived issue or deficit to consult with the appropriate specialist.

Specialist consultants commonly required for vocalists include;
  • GP - medical doctor
  • Ear Nose & Throat Specialist
  • Speech Pathologist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Psychologist 
As a Performance Teaching Fellow at the Australian National University School of Music Rachael teaches undergraduate and graduate voice students across several genres including jazz, classical, contemporary and music theatre. She remains instrumental in the creation of assessment criteria for vocalists enrolled in the Bachelor of Music Performance stream, and regularly consults with the Performance Convenor (Dr Paul McMahon) to review and develop appropriate assessment guidelines.

In the private studio and in schools and colleges around Canberra Rachael's students range from young, developing singers to professional adult singers, wishing to refine their technique or address specific concerns preventing them from reaching their full vocal potential, in a healthy and sustainable manner. 

Rachael is available to conduct workshops, masterclasses, Skype sessions for professional singers and guest teaching residencies.

VOCAL COACHING - Rachael offers one-off or short-term coaching (subject to availability) for serious/professional singers who are;
  • preparing for an audition
  • preparing for a competition
  • preparing for exams
  • overcoming a technical issue
  • seeking a voice appraisal
  • recording artists seeking in-studio coaching/support 


Do you want to spend your hard-earned dollars on a 60 minute note-bashing session?

Do you want to learn 40 new songs a term?

Are you looking for compliments rather than constructive feedback and solutions?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, Rachael is probably not the teacher for you...

In your first lesson Rachael will assess your voice, breathing, posture, range and any perceived deficits or vocal problems and explain what's going wrong, why and the recommended approach and plan to get you on track. Rachael will listen to your concerns and goals and work out a plan to get you to where you want to be. How quickly you get there largely depends on you. If you follow the plan, keep Rachael in the loop with any concerns or breakthroughs you may experience in your practice or performance, and maintain a regular and consistent practice routine you will see results!

For clients attending lessons on a weekly basis your sessions will follow a weekly rotating focus. Week A will be devoted to pure technique and Week B will be more repertoire focussed, coaching you through assimilating your technique with songs and introducing expression, interpretation, improvisation, phrasing and other aspects of performance and artistry. A more flexible approach can be applied to fortnightly and ad hoc clients.

So, if you are ready to understand how your voice actually works, develop a strong technical foundation and a safe place to land that will allow you better access to all your creative ideas. If you want to have more control, more strength, a more flexibile and agile voice that will go the distance, Rachael is the teacher for you.

Joining Rachael's studio means that you also join an ever-expanding supportive community of singers (through Rachael's private Facebook group and other exciting virtual tools and masterclasses/workshops currently in development) from all walks of life, ages, and levels of experience that love singing as much as you do.