Do you want to try a lesson before committing to a term? Would you prefer the flexibility of booking a lesson when it fits with your budget and schedule? Then the Ad Hoc option is for you! You can book in for an Ad Hoc or Trial Lesson using the booking system on this page. 

No times available? Let us know: CONTACT

Times available but nothing that suits your schedule? Request a special time: CONTACT  

AD HOC BOOKINGS (Location: ANU School of Music)



General Terms & Conditions (click here to view) are also applicable to Internet Based Lesson with the addition of the following:

  • Payment for this lesson type must be made and received in advance of the appointment time. 
  • Clients must have Broadband Internet Connection with at least 256MB Upload Speed.
  • Clients recognise that Rachael Thoms is not responsible for Internet lag due to Internet Traffic conditions and accordingly do not hold Rachael Thoms responsible for lost time during lesson due to such conditions.
  • Internet Lessons may be conducted as either a SKYPE Video lesson, SKYPE voice only lesson or 'FACETIME' lesson depending upon connectivity and speed through the internet. A decision to conduct ’voice only’ or FACETIME in place of SKYPE video lessons is made in discussion between Rachael Thoms and the client.
  • Clients must have a working Webcam and external microphone attached to their computer/laptop.
  • Clients are responsible for downloading and maintaining the latest version of  Skype.
  • Clients must have access to playback devices for CD or MP3 tracks used in the internet lesson. Access to a piano keyboard would also be an advantage but is not necessary.