"When I first heard Rachael I was struck by an ethereal quality in her voice. She is at the age now where her tone is rich,
her skills highly polished, and now with a delicate touch of soulfulness."
Vince Jones - Australian jazz trumpeter | singer | songwriter

"Rachael loves music and music loves Rachael. She is fearless, generous, fun to be around and she makes a beautiful sound."
Miroslav Bukovsky - composer | arranger | jazz trumpeter (Wunderlust, Ten Part Invention)

 “Rachael has a world-class voice and the potential to build a classical performance career at the highest level.”
Alan Hicks, Head of Voice, ANU School of Music

"Rachael, you're a goddess! I worship at your musical altar!"
Kathy Lette, International best-selling author

"Vocalist Rachael Thoms was sheer class."
Clinton White, Canberra City News

"Rachael sang fluent and high. She stunned me with her improvised melody lines...
taking the written line and embellishing it freely and richly. This is jazz singing to me: richly improvised throughout..."

"Rachael Thoms throws herself into the sneering, domineering Lady Billows with vocal gusto." (Albert Herring 2012)
Helen Musa, Canberra City News

"Lady (Billows) of the Manor - a fabulously horsey Rachael Thoms, embodying every Aunt in the Wodehousian canon, and sounding splendid..." (Albert Herring 2012)
Canberra Dilettante